Friday, November 22, 2019

UNO should not further delay in resolving Kashmir issue: Ali Raza Syed

Ali Raza Syed-1

ISLAMABAD:(APS)Ali Raza Syed Chairman Kashmir Council has said that United Nations immediate attention to ceasefire violations towards highly inflammatory from the Indian army on the Kashmir line of Control.

The United  Nations to enable military observers on an emergency basis in order to control the situation.

Citizens  is being extensively losses to the Azad Kashmir during shelling and continuously firing of Indian army.

He said that the Pakistan is performed carefully and responsibly to use defend the right.

Ali Raza Syed Chairman Kashmir Council talking to the Associated Press Service,APS the news agency during of exclusive interview.

He added that India’s policy is totally contrary to the wishes of peace the public of government of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

He recalled to the Secretary-General that United Nations has also promised referendum right to Kashmiri people in its resolutions.

He said that these resolutions are present on the agenda for implementation and long-term efficiently today. The United Nations should be own promise with Kashmiris.

He said that Jammu and Kashmir conflict is the flash point of the region. These is the main reason for conflict between two nuclear countries.

He said that UNO should not further delay in resolving Kashmir issue for sustainable peace in the subcontinent.

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