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United States Presidential Candidate Souraya Faas attended Moroccan Celebration in Orlando


NEW YORK:(APS) Nov22,2015-United States Presidential Candidate Souraya Faas made a special appearance at the Moroccan American Celebration of the 40th year Anniversary of the Green March hosted by Chabab Orlando. Entertainment for the evening included speeches and performances by worldwide renown Moroccan artists such as Suad Amjahdi, Douzi, Asma Lmnawar, Hatim Ammor, Rachid Allali and Ahmed Chawki.

Miss Faas meet with prominent leaders within the community discussing key issues which concern Moroccan Americans both nationally and internationally. Among the attending elite was his Excellency Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco Hussane Hmama. Miss Faas and Mr Hmama both expressed their concern of the rise of Islamphobia in wake of the recent series of events and unfortunate tragedies occurring throughout Europe. In regards to accepting Syrian refugees in America, Miss Faas felt that the United States should first find a solution for the 10 million undocumented people already in the country before  deciding whether or not to take on the estimated million and half refugees. Miss Faas stated that unless the refugees have proper identification and documentation no one should be admitted without a thorough background check for the safety of our citizens. Miss Faas is concerned that many extremists claiming to be moderate rebels fleeing Syria are actually from Turkey, Libya, Qatar, Afghanistan and Pakistan trying to enter Europe and the United States claiming to be refugees which pose a serious threat to our national security.

In regards to the 10 million  illegal immigrants being referred to as undocumented, Miss Faas says we can’t give amnisty to everyone nor can we deport everyone we have to look at on case to case basis.

Miss Faas said that it’s a very sensitive issue, that would require indebt security background checks on the people we will be considering to establish a pathway to citizenship for. If president Miss Fass would establish stricter immigration laws that would be set forth from a particular date and on which would aply to everyone equally without discrimination.

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