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Protest against Indian PM’s visit to EU to be held on Nov 13th in Brussels

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Brussels:(APS)Nov 7,2015- Europe based Kashmiris, Pakistanis and representatives of minorities in India to hold a demonstration on 13th of November at Place Luxembourg in Brussels in order to protest against upcoming Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Europe.

In a press conference, Chairman Kashmir Council Ali Raza Syed said, we must send the message to New Delhi’s regime that it cannot continue, its oppression of Kashmiris and the minority groups of India, including Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, and Muslims.

President World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance Europe Chapter Chaudhry Khalid Mahmood Joshi, Chairman Info Kashmir, Mir Shahjahan and Kashmiri leader Haji Khalil were also present in the press conference.

The protest demonstration would be held by Kashmiris, Pakistanis and representatives of different minority groups of India including Sikhs and Christians.

Mr Ali Raza Syed said, Nerandra Modi’s government is pursuing fascist policies in occupied Kashmir and other parts of India.  The Prime Minister allies himself with the extremist group and far-right RSS party, which has openly supported Hitler’s policies of ethnic cleansing.  During his time as Prime Minister, extremism has been rising as it is being legitimised under current government policy.  Hundreds of Indian artists and intellectuals are giving back awards that they received from the Indian government in order to protest the appalling treatment meted out to minorities under Modi’s rule.

He said, the Indian government rules in the Kashmir through force, killing, raping, and torturing thousands of people.  1,000 people were arrested in Kashmir on the 5th of November alone, ahead of Modi’s visit to Srinagar on November 7th, to make sure that he would have no opposition while he was there.  Yet he and his government turn a blind eye to Hindu extremists rallying in Kashmir, even as they announce that they will kill anyone who eats or sells beef.

Ali Raza Syed further said, India has stopped negotiations with Pakistan, and the people of the region are worried that, with no process, war could break out again between the two nuclear powers.  This time, however, it could be nuclear war, which would be disastrous not only for South Asia, but the rest of the world.

India wants to be recognised as an international power, but they must first demonstrate that they can follow international laws.  They must implement the UN Resolutions that they signed, granting the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir, and fulfil the promises that have been made by successive Indian governments for almost 70 years.

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He underlined that the history has shown time and again that force cannot be worthwhile to permanently subdue a people.  The only course of action is to listen to their wishes, and respect them.  It is time for the international community to come forward and help in peaceful settlement of the problem.  They must support to save the people of South Asia, and the entire the world as well, from the catastrophe of war.  It is crucial that they convince the Indian government to pursue dialogue and negotiation to solve their problems.  Only then will there be peace and prosperity in the region.

The Kashmir Council supports veteran Kashmiri leader Ali Gilani’s call for a peaceful ‘Million March’ on November 7th to counter Prime Minister Modi’s rally in Srinagar.  If Mr. Modi can hold a rally, the Kashmiri people must be allowed to do the same.

Chairman Kashmir Council said, we condemn all the arrests of Kashmiri leadership and Kashmiris by the Indian authorities, and we condemn the extremist policies of the Indian government.

We will protest peacefully on the 13th of November to add our voices to those of Kashmiris and oppressed Indian minorities around the world.

We will campaign to raise awareness about the Modi-led atrocities, and to highlight the suffering of Kashmiris, Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, and Muslims, under his government.

We ask the international community to put pressure on the Indian government to, as a matter of urgency,

Implement the United Nations Security Council resolutions, and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, giving the right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people

Speakers of Press Conference asked India for putting an end to its state terrorism, genocidal repression, ethnic cleansing, rape, gang-rape, torture, and degrading treatment of Kashmiri men, women, and children and withdraw its occupying forces from the territory of Jammu and Kashmir

They further urged for stopping immediately and completely all military and paramilitary action against the people of Jammu and Kashmir and unconditionally release all those imprisoned in connection with resistance to the Indian occupation.

The also called New Delhi to allow major human rights NGOs, and other human rights organisations, access to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, restore the rights of peaceful association, assembly, and demonstration and permit the Kashmiris, including the leadership of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, freedom of travel and speech. They further asked India to ensure that the Kashmiri expatriate leadership can travel freely to and from Jammu and Kashmir and ensure that Kashmiris participate at all negotiations pertaining to their political future.

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