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Malala Condemns Trump’s Muslim Ban Proposal in U.S.


LONDON:(APS) Dec 16,2015-Malala Yousafzai condemned Donald Trump’s call, on Tuesday, for a complete ban on Muslims entering the U.S at an event to remember the lives of 134 children killed by the Taliban at a Pakistan school one year ago.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner said that Trump’s call for the ban earlier this month, as part of his presidential campaign, and his views on Muslims were prejudiced.

“Well that’s really tragic that you hear these comments which are full of hatred, full of this ideology of being discriminative towards others,” she said at the event in Birmingham, U.K.

She added that such rhetoric could “radicalize more terrorists” and that politicians and the media should “not try to blame the whole population of Muslims” as “it cannot stop terrorists,” as reported by  APS News .

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