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Farooq Abdullah’s statement reject on Kashmir: Ali Raza Syed

Ali RAza Syed

Brussels, Belgium:(APS)Nov 28,2015-Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed has rejected a statement given by former puppet Chief Minister of Indian Held Kashmir Farooq Abdullah on Kashmir dispute.

It is important to mention that talking to the media persons in Jammu on Friday, the Pro-Indian Kashmiri Politician Farooq Abdullah claimed, “Jammu and Kashmir” (Indian Held Kashmir) is part of India and will remain with this country and Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) is part of Pakistan and will continue to remain part of the neighbouring country. Farooq Abdullah also suggested that both of Kashmir’s parts should be merged constitutionally into both the countries.

In a press release from Brussels while reacting on the fake claim, Ali Raza Syed said, it is a senseless assertion of Farooq Abdullah and it seems that by giving such foolish statement, he is hurting the feelings of the people of Kashmir who are struggling for their freedom from Indian occupation.

Both sides of Kashmiris are one nation and no one of the Kashmiris would accept the division of whole Kashmir’s region, he argued.

He said, Kashmir has never been a part of India, it is a internationally-recognized disputed territory and by terming the occupied Kashmir as a part of India, Farooq Abdullah is ignoring historical facts about the territory, Ali Raza Syed emphasized.

He pointed out that it was the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had taken the Kashmir dispute to the UN Security Council in 1948 and had also promised to give right of self-determination to people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU repeated that Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally-recognized dispute for last six decades and the people of Kashmir are yet to get the right of self-determination.

He said that India had invaded Kashmir against the spirit of people of the area and now, its forces are involved in the large scale human right violation in the Held territory.

Criticizing non-serious attitude of India toward the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue, he said that International community should play an impressive role in resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations.

He said that the durable peace in South Asia is connected with settlement of Kashmir issue but India is not serous as it is prolonging the Kashmir dispute by deploying its maximum forces and smashing the massive movement by brutal force.

He emphasized that the longstanding dispute should be settled by implementing the United Nations resolutions as the settlement of Kashmir was vital to the peace and stability in South Asia.

He appealed to the International community specially U.S. and EU to play their role in settling the lingering dispute by implementing the relevant UN resolutions.

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