Monday, February 24, 2020

Chairman KC-EU for raising rights of Kashmiris through art and Culture


Brussels, Belgium:(APS)March 13, 2017-Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Mr Ali Raza Syed emphasized that art and culture could be effective tools for raising the rights of the people.

He was talking in a panel debate with German Professor Max Kramer on “70 Years of Resistance against Indian Occupation of Kashmir” in Berlin, Germany. The event was arranged by Theater X which launched a three week program on different issues of resistance. A documentary about Kashmir was also presented during the event which was included the panel discussed moderated by Pakistani Journalist Erfan Aftab. Mr Ali Raza Syed also responded to the questions of the participants who were mostly German intellectuals and experts from different walks of life.

Chairman KC-EU said, bringing arts and artists to the forefront of struggle against foreign occupation is very important for Kashmiri movement for self-determination. He added, resistance through culture is the best way of doing non-violent struggle.

Ali Raza Sued said, Kashmiri poets and artists express the pain of sufferings and commitment for the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Appreciating the event, he said, the theater X has enabled us to spread awareness about Kashmir in the mainstream people of Europe. He argued that culture is the expression of the collective soul of a nation. The nations engaged in struggle of freedom always carry their dreams through the culture of resistance and it’s creative expressions such as traditional songs, poetry, theater, painting and fiction/literature.

He said, we have seen this phenomenon in all the nations who won their freedom from some the occupation force. An artist has great impact on the minds and hearts of the people, he continued.

He further said, a song, piece of poetry, a theater act or a drama can motivate people and works for a longer period than speech or slogans. We already observed this in the artistic expression in Kashmir in shape of painting or poetry or any other form. Kashmiri poets and artists are also expressing the anguish and commitment of their nation. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes