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Cameron Pushes British Parliament for Syria Airstrikes


LONDON:(APS)Dec 2,2015-British lawmakers on Wednesday are debating whether to approve Prime Minister David Cameron’s request for the country to take part in airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.

Cameron appeared in Parliament to make his case Wednesday, saying the airstrikes would be “part of a wider strategy” to overcome the militant movement.

But Jeremy Corbyn, head of the opposition Labour Party, is opposed to the move. Cameron on Tuesday night referred to Corbyn and his allies as “a bunch of terrorist sympathizers.”

Corbyn responded in a opinon piece published in the newspaper The Guardian Wednesday saying the prime minister “has been unable to explain why extending airstrikes to Syria – which is already being bombed by the U.S.,  France, Russia  and other powers – will make a significant military impact.”

Corbyn said Cameron “has failed to convince almost anyone” that ground forces would be able to take back Islamic State-held territory if the British airstrikes did manage to help the coalition gain the advantage over the militants.

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