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American foreign policy must reflect the American people: Souraya Faas

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Associated Press Service


US Presidential candidate Souraya Faas speaking to the APS news agency said that in regards to the US foreign policy, I feel that it is the few with their own intrests that are dictating the faith of the majority. The United States is so diverse that it represents all the people of the world. That is why I feel we have a great responsibility to the world to be peace makers. The message of genuine peace is what we should be spreading not that of division.

She said in answer to a question that everyone should be our ally not a specific country or group of people like Saudi Arabia or Turkey for example who are so called “allies” yet who are we kidding?!?! We have nothing in common with them, not values… nor ideology and defiantly not when it comes to human rights or woman rights & equality! What makes them an ally other than startegic positioning or economic interests? That’s what I call an ally of convenience!

The Turkish government still needs to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and yet they continue with the persecution of minorities especially Christians, but hey let’s not hold them accountable because they are an “Ally”. I was always told you are who your friends are so choose your friends carefully or if anything strive to be a great example for others to want to change & be better.

She said in answer to a question for decades now the United States has been fighting wars that aren’t even ours & for what? Greed, Self Interest  & Ego at the expense of the lives our military and innocent civilians. What have we gained or the world gained as a result of these wars? Other then more kaos and instability. War is a sign of weakness!

What’s going on in the Middle East is a cultural & language barrier. We are relying on third party sources who have their own interests and hidden agenda to help translate & advice us.

She added that we cannot stand by and allow another country be destroyed by outside intervention. Syria whether we like it or not is a sovereign country with a lagitment government with representation in the the United Nations. It is illegal and against international law for anyone to train, fund, & supply weapons to any group with the intention to create instability and overthrow a sovereign government who was elected by it’s people. Anyone who engages in such acts over a sovereign nation would be waging war against that country whether or not having directly declared it!

It is only up to the Syrian people to decide who should govern, not the foreign governments who are trying to take advantage of the current situation in Syria in order to settle old scores by creating more conflict & adding more fuel to the fire rather than fostering diplomacy & dialogue to help

resolve the situation at hand, which is the fact that the Syrian government has been fighting the terrorism which was exported to it’s country.

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She added that the United States needs to lead by example. We need to ensure that the domestic needs of our people are being meet before we go out policing the world or helping others. We cannot help others before helping ourselves. There is a huge amount of poverty within our own nation & each day the numbers are rising.

Who would’ve thought there would come to be such an economic in balance in the greatest nation in the world….where the rich are getting richer and the middle class is disintegrating & the low income families are having to rely heavily on the government to meet their basic needs.

 Americans need to wake up!

She added that we need to stop criticizing one another & stop pointing fingers at who is to blame. No one is to be blamed other then ourselves…for being allowed to be manipulated by the media who has over time designated itself as the Forth Branch of Government because it moves public opinion. We have allowed technology to control us rather than using technology to educate ourselves & others. Americans have  become lazy and we rely  heavily on the media as our primary resource of information without questioning whether or not if the information being provided is even vaild. We need to look at both sides of every story and situation always asking ourselves why?

Americans have lost their common sense…how can we justify the war on terror when it is our government made up of the politicians who we elected along with our so called “Allies” who created, trained & funded these terrorist groups in the first place. Terrorism is a propeganda with an agenda to sell fear. Fear is what controls the masses, the market & the world!

 Did anyone stop to ask themselves, why did we wait this long to fight terrorism? Why was Russia able to do in a week what we couldn’t achieve in two years. Instead of standing with the Syrian & Russian government in their fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups you have lunitics like McCain that would rather shoot down those Russian planes who are fighting terrorism, whose side is he really on?

 The truth is every rebel group is fighting it’s own fight in Syria for the interests of those funding them, they even switch sides faster then they can change socks based on who pays the most.

 Terrorism is posing a security threat not only to our country but to the entire world. We are standing on the wrong side with the situation in Syria.

 She added that our government has allowed ISIS to strengthen rather then helping eliminate them from the start. We were being manipulated by our “allies” and “advisors” to believe that by training & funding rebels they will help against the fight against ISIS. Any group who is waging war against a sovereign government is a terrorist. The power of the people isn’t in the weapons it’s in the numbers. Only the Syrians can have a say as to who they want to govern them…only the Syrian government can have a say as to who they want to mediate or interfere in their issues.

 She added that our foreign policy should be a reflection of our what our domestic policy should be. A policy of unity, love, peace & harmony. A policy based on the true American genuine values of mutual respect for one another, hard work & sacrifice. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by our government & the politicians on the basis of fear. We have to be smarter than that & when it’s time to vote don’t choose based on a particular party, but rather based on the individual his or her values and the issues they stand for.

Choose Common Sense… Choose to Stand for Peace… Think & Be Independent!

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