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Residents benefiting from FIR SMS alert system: IGP

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: May 26, 2021- Inspector Genetal Of Police Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman has said that the residents are benefiting from the FIR SMS alert system introduced by the Islamabad police.

 He said in a statement that the complainants are being updated on the progress made in the cases by the police through the SMS service.

So far 1300 complainants and Investigation Officers were informed through this system. This system facilitates citizens about registration of FIR and also update about investigation process of the cases.

The IGP said that Citizens shows their satisfaction about this system. Islamabad Police is trying it’s best to facilitate public through digital policing, the IGP told.

He emphasized that Islamabad Police will not leave any stone un-turned for safety and security of it’s citizens and every possible step would be taken in this regard.

The IGP reiterated that, police have been adopting zero-tolerence policy towards the lethargic attitude by the police in the cases when it comes to fair and timely investigation.  The police initiative is helpful for the complainants in tracking the cases and a source of satisfaction for them when it comes to the investigation. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes