Thursday, February 20, 2020

Protection of minorities is the responsibility of the State: J Salik


ISLAMABAD:(APS)May 7, 2017-Convener World Minorities Alliance and Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik celebrated the birthday of his wife and silver jubilee of his protest on the place where he burnt his entire home goods to record his protest in 1991on Mall Road Lahore.

Remember that twenty five years ago when the government of the time stopped the funds of widows, J Salik tried to stop this action and said that don’t stop the funds of my poor sister but you are allowed to stop my breath even. To record his protest against this worst action he took out the entire of his home goods and burnt them on mall road, fire brigade tried to firefight but J Salik threaten them that if they will try to stop the fire he will burn himself.  It took three hours to burn the entire goods and then it became ash. This ash was remained there on mall road for the next three days and then it was collected. He protested many time with the same ash but it made no difference to that government, then he left his shoes in the National Assembly and resigned from his seat.  He told that the purpose of leaving the shoes in the National Assembly was to make the history that a poor came for the rights but couldn’t get them that’s why he left his shoes here. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes