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Islamabad Police issues annual performance report

Capital police held 2778 accused of financial crimes, 1396 drug peddlers, 1298 culprits of illegal weapons, detained 1093 criminals of 428 gangs in 2021

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD, Jan 02: The Islamabad Police on Saturday issued its annual performance report, according to which it detained 14527 culprits of various crimes, recovered looted valuables, cash, weapons and narcotics.

According to the report, the police during the year 2021 arrested 2778 culprits involved in crimes against property other serious crimes, 1396 drug peddlers, 1298 accused of illegal weapons and held 1093 culprits of 428 gangs.

Islamabad Police received 7154 Rescue 15 calls till December 08, 2021, responding to which 1550 cases were registered which was 21.66 percent of the total calls. Inspector General Islamabad Muhammad Ahsan Younas acquired the record of pending calls after December 08, and 5085 cases were registered while registration of cases on other calls was underway.

IGP said that immediate registration of cases was basic right of the citizens and they would not be deprived of their right under any circumstance.

Islamabad Police has so far registered cases on 6635 which was 92.74 percent and was the largest response ratio of 15 calls of police across the country.

The federal police arrested 2778 accused of financial disputes, street crimes, robberies, car, bike lifting and recovered 470 stolen cars, 346 stolen/snatched motorcycles and other looted valuables worth Rs. 1,27,56,49,904. The police also resolved 29 blind murder cases and detained 53 culprits.

The police completed the investigations of 8566 cases and dispatched challans to concerned courts. They included 622 cases of robberies with 999 culprits, 592 cases of street crimes with 918 culprits, 301 cases of car lifting with 260 accused, 295 cases of motorcycles snatching/lifting with 400 culprits, 191 cases of tempered vehicles with 201 accused. During the period, action was taken against 1386 proclaimed offenders.

In illegal arms and ammunition cases, 1298 culprits were detained besides recovery of 62 Kalashnikovs/rifles, 44 guns/carbine, 1125 pistols, 11434 rounds and 58 daggers.

The Capital police in 1336 cases of drugs peddling held 1396 drug pushers besides recovering 734.254 kilogram hashish, 166.798 kilogram heroin, 11.746 kilogram opium, 10.844 kilogram methamphetamine (Ice), 124 gram cocaine, 37137 bottles liquor and 30.023 kilogram Ketamine.

The federal police also detained 11806 professional beggars and 441 collaborators besides registering 175 cases against them. To ensure the security of the Capital, search and combing operations were conducted at 90 different localities of the city during the period. While the CIA police team arrested a five-member Afghan gang involved in a robbery and two mobile phone thieves involved in the  theft and recovered Rs. 170,000 cash, 32 mobile phones and as well as motorbike and  weapons used in crime a police spokesman said on Sunday.

According to details, on the special instructions of IG Islamabad Ahsan Younas, DIG Operations Awais Ahmed gave special task to CIA police to arrest the accused involved in dacoity, snatching and theft and recover the looted goods. The CIA police  arrested five-member Afghan gang and two members of mobile phone theft gang, and Rs 170,000, 32 mobile phones and as well as motorbike and  weapons used in crime

The five-member Afghan gang is identified as Khanullah, Dost Mohammad, Mohammad Adil, Zahir Khan and Abdul Manan, while other mobile phone thieves include Jahangir and Waqar Hussain.

DIG Operations Awais Ahmed announced the awarding of cash prizes and certificates of appreciation to the CIA police team for their outstanding performance. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes