Sunday, January 26, 2020

FIA has summoned DMA wing of CDA


Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD : Nov 30,2017-The Deputy Director of Anti-Corruption Circle of Federal Investigation Agency Islamabad Rana Naveed Anwar yesterday issued notice to Director Municipal Administration Authority Ali Sufian Rana to appear before FIA investigation Officer Kashif Riaz Awan for an inquiry regarding malpractice/corruption in awarding of advertisement contracts illegally to various advertisement agencies in Islamabad.

According to detail the Deputy Director Anti-Corruption Circle of FIA has summoned DMA Ali Sufian to appear on 6 December to face the corruption charges against him leveled by owner of an advertising company Ghulam Syedain. He leveled charges of malpractice/corruption on DMA in awarding of advertisement contracts to various advertising agencies without bidding. The DMA Director allotted contracts have caused loss to Government Exchequer in form of non-recovery.

The Director FIA Rana Naveed Anwar through a notification has directed Director DMA to bring record/evidences relevant to this inquiry. Earlier the Special Investigative Unit of FIA called Director DMA Ali Sufian Rana with records of all duty officers, staff and their duty chart deputed in advertising unit from 2010 to 2017.

The FIA Special Investigative Unit has already confiscated all departmental record of bill boards and tele-towers installed by violating by-laws of municipal administration.

According to source, the FIA has already started inquiry against four directors, five deputy directors and three assistant directors who are said to be involved in this million rupees corruption. The FIA also has launched probing against five advertising companies which are riveted with DMA staff in causing lose of Government Exchequer. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes