Friday, August 23, 2019

FIA has been wide range investigation on billions corruption billboards in CDA


Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: June 13, 2017- FIA has expanded investigation circle of millions of frauds shows  in  CDA  Directorate of Municipal Administration.

Whereas, the media list of advertisements including 15 pages was also provided to CDA.

FIA officials took strict notice   against ineligible Director M.Ali Sufyan   and his team on not  provide other records, including being the billboards in the city.

FIA demand list of all officers who are deployed in during seven years in DMA. But was not   provided   list.

On which once again FIA has summoned records All directors, deputy directors, assistant directors, Admin Officer, Section Officer and related persons via  letter of 2017 to 2011 from Chairman CDA.

Whereas the detail of  Rs 32 crore was released records In five years from CDA. Although, that is formed in the  billions.

FIA has provide 15 pages of detail   identified of  billions of misappropriation to CDA.

Was told that FIA has been  providing  records. It also the manipulate corruption has been trying to hide.

But the FIA has demand the list of officers to be deployed in DMA to given  keeping of the seriousness.

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