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Dispute Resolution Council successfully resolves 21 disputes; IGP Qazi

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: November 9, 2021-The Inspector General of Police Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman has said that the Dispute resolution council (DRC) of capital police has successfully resolved 21 disputes of different nature.

He said while reviewing the performance of the “Dispute Resolution Council”.

So far, the dispute resolution council received 28 applications related to disputes of various nature, he said adding that the council also returned Rs. 2.3 million disputed money to the citizens.

He added that out of these cases 11 were related to family disputes, 16 were of transaction of money and 01 case was of miscellaneous nature.

To provide relief to the people, IGP Islamabad told that the council has been set up in Islamabad which is looking into the cases of civil nature including domestic and monetary disputes and other cases of miscellaneous nature.

The councils is responsible for amicably resolving the disputes through a proper fact-finding process and work as a jury in the conduct of contested investigations.

He said that the burden on policemen would also decrease and they may get time to effectively handle cases of criminal nature.

The applications related to civil nature, domestic issues, property and monetary cases are forwarded from IGP, DIG (Operations) and SSP (Operations) office to the council and its members try to resolve them after listening to both parties. All Station House Officers (SHOs) have been directed to forward cases of civil nature to the council as the purpose is to provide maximum relief to the citizens through such bodies.

The IGP told that such bodies would help to improve the policing culture and provide immediate relief to the people. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes