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Bhara Kahu Police arrested the pickpocket

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: December 9, 2021- Bhara Kahu Police Station took in a quick response to public complaint have arrested the pickpocket within 24 hours and recovered the money, informed a police spoeksman on Thursday.

The recovered money was handed over to the victim citizen, he said.

According to details, schoolteacher Tanveer Ahmed Awan from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir fell victim to pickpocketing in the area of Bhara Kahu police station during the travel which was reported to Bara Kahu police station in time. Under the supervision of ASP, SDPO Bhara Kahu Madam Aqila Niaz Naqvi, SHO Inspector Asjad Mehmood of Bara Kahu Police Station, ASI Mukhtar Nawaz and his team took timely action and arrested the accused within 24 hours. Qadar Khan son of Mir Khan resident of Khairpur, Sindh were arrested and recovered the money recovered from the accused. Tanveer Ahmad Awan thanked the police of Bhara Kahu Police Station Islamabad; SP City Zone appreciated the performance of police team. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes