Friday, November 15, 2019

10 outlaws arrested stolen car and weapon recovered




ISLAMABAD:(APS)Islamabad police  arrested 10 outlaws arrested besides recovering    car, pistol, hashish, wine and  valuable  from their possession, a police spokesman said.

According to details,Kohsar Police arrested accused Rizwan and recovered 2 wine bottles from him.

 Bhara Kahu police arrested accused Qasir  Mehmood and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistols along with 20 bullets from him.

Ramna police arrested two drug pushers Azhar Ali and Sher Pawo and recovered 2.3 KGs hashish from their possession. ACLC police arrested accused Muhammad Zarif and recovered stolen car from him. Industrial Area police arrested accused Umer Khan and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol along with six bullets from him.

 Nilor Police arrested accused Khalid and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol from him.

Koral police arrested a drug peddler namely Bashir and recovered 220 gram heroine from him.

Sihala police arrested accused Muhammad Bilal and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol from him, further investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police arrested two proclaimed offenders wanted to police in crime cases of heinous nature

 SSP Islamabad Asmat Ullah Junejo has appreciated this overall performance and directed for further effective policing measures in the city.

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