Friday, November 15, 2019

Weekly Foreign Affairs Notebook:India has started violation of ceasefire agreement


Chaudhry Ahsan Premee

Associated Press Service

Weekly press briefing was held on last Friday  from Foreign Ministry. The spokesman said in opening remarks that in the last briefing there was a question about UN Resolutions and bilateralism between Pakistan and India. One news paper next day had the headline “Bilateral dialogue on Kashmir undermines UN Security Council Resolutions: Foreign Office”

 This is just the opposite of what was said. My request to you would be to be careful and scrupulously adhere to what has been said. 

 Later he also respond to queries from journalists. In response to a question, that Indian violence on line of control ,the spokesman said the last question is not a Foreign Policy question. Perhaps ISPR may be able to respond to your questions about deployment of troops.

 On the question of escalation of violations by India on the Line of Control, we issued a statement last week and subsequently, there was also a statement by Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs. Today, the National Security Committee meeting is taking place as we speak and there likely will be a statement on the deliberations in the NSC.

 As regards the motives, I don’t think any motives can be ascribed to Pakistan. We are simply responding to a situation that has been created on the line of control and the working boundary. We did not start the violation of the ceasefire, we have not escalated the situation and our response has been strong but measured. You may keep in mind that on the other side of the LoC, there are Kashmiris who are our own brothers and sisters. They are our own people. So, we are exercising great care to avoid civilian casualties to the extent possible.

 As regards the involvement of UNMOGIP, you would recall that some days back, the UN observers were taken to the LoC and the Working Boundary to show them the damage and the pattern of fire from the other side. They would have compiled their report and sent it to the UN as per their SOPs. UMMOGIP is a neutral observer. They are here to monitor the situation .So, the best option would be for India to allow them visit the LoC as we facilitate their visit to our side of the Line of Control and working boundary. They can then come up with their own findings and recommendations. That should be acceptable to India if indeed it believes that LoC violations were started by Pakistan.

 Zarghoon! I would not like to comment on statements given by different Indian officials. Pakistan is a sovereign country. Pakistan is a strong country. By firing on the LoC or by escalating the situation on the LoC, Pakistan cannot be brought to the negotiating table. In fact, Pakistan has done all it could to promote peace and for resumption of the dialogue process with India. It was India which cancelled the scheduled Foreign Secretary level talks in August this year. This argument, therefore, makes no sense.

 Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that well, the UNMOGIP observers have a UN mandate. They are present in India as well. They have an office in Delhi. We do not speculate about the reasons why India is doing it.


As regards the Prime Minister’s statement at the UNGA, as he himself said, advocacy of the right of self-determination of people of Kashmir is Pakistan’s historic responsibility and a commitment. That should be understood. I will not guess the reasons.

 Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that Well, on the talks, I have nothing to share.About the loss, both in terms of human life and damage to the property and livestock, I think more accurate figures would be available with the military channels, the Rangers or the DG ISPR.

 Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that this question should be addressed to the US Administration. Our position, that we have reiterated a number of times, remains unchanged.

 Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that our reaction was timely. We issued a statement and in that statement we clearly stated that we have lodged a protest with India through diplomatic channels. Please visit our website.

 Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that the border between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, because of the circumstances and the events in the region, has seen undesirable activities. This is something on which we need to work together. It is in the interest of both countries to share intelligence. We have several mechanisms like the border management committee which meets quiet frequently or as and when required. These issues of better border management should be taken to that committee. They would not be resolved through public statements.

I do not share the view that the miscreants who create problems inside Iran have safe havens inside Pakistan. Your question in itself contains the response- that the event you cited took place near Pakistan border but inside Iran.

 Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that the matter of escalation and violations of ceasefire by India was taken up by our Permanent Representative to the UN in New York during the General Assembly debate. Naturally, the international community is also watching. There have been statements expressing concern and calling for the need of resumption of dialogue to resolve the disputes between Pakistan and India. Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a question that

we repeatedly, from this forum and at every forum, have explained our position. We condemn drone strikes for violation of our territorial integrity and collateral damage. We have done detailed briefings about how we are proceeding on this issue and how far we have succeeded in building international public opinion and a legal body of opinion on this issue.APS NEWS AGENCY 

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