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We stand with Pak Army in the fight against terrorism: Bilawal Bhutto

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ISLAMABAD:(APS)Dec 16,2015-Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari paid tribute to martyrs of Peshawar with angels (Orphans) of Pakistan Sweet Homes. In this event angels (orphans) of sweet homes were dressed up in armed forces uniform. The event started with Talawat – e-Quran, after those Sweet homes kids did speeches. One of the kids from North Wazirstan, Shahid Nawaz Said “We will fight against terrorism through education, as have lost my leg but not lost my motivation and I want to be a doctor” other kids also committed that they will finish the malevolent of radicalism through education.

Top leadership of Pakistan People’s Party was also present on this occasion. Prayers were done for APS martyrs. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari acknowledges the efforts of Mr. Zamurrad Khan and assured his commitment towards cause of Pakistan Sweet Homes. On this occasion Mr. Zamurrad Khan said that “Peoples Party has given lots of lives in past one decade in war against terrorism, we have lost Benazir Bhutto in this war against evil force of terrorism. So this is the time we should all standup against terrorism and start to protect these Orphan Kids. As, they are most marginalized and vulnerable part of the society”. He further added that “This is the time that we all have to unite together against the evil of terrorism and show solidarity towards the Pakistan Army. As, alone this fight against extremism couldn’t be fought”.

At the end of the event he acknowledged the role of media after Peshawar Incident and also appealed international community to join the cause of Pakistan Sweet Homes.So we all can protect and save the future of Pakistan together. Candle were lightened up and national songs were sang by the angels and social activists joining this vigil as depressed evening turned into bawling night.

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