Thursday, November 14, 2019

Unanimous resolution by Senate sent to Ministry of Interior


Ahsan Premee

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD:Senate Secretariat on Monday after finalizing the draft resolution passed by the house on Friday has sent the same to the Ministry of Interior for necessary action. A copy of the resolution signed by Secretary Senate Amjed Pervez here on Monday has been marked to Secreatry Interior.

Senate Secretariat has requested the Ministry of Interior to submit a consolidated report about the action taken within a period of two months.  All Ministries, Departments, Agencies of the Government are also asked to take necessary actions required by them in the light of the resolution. The draft resolution was presented by Senator Raza Rabbani and passed unanimously by the House on Friday.

The detailed and all-encompassing resolution has united the members of the upper house in the same manner as the tragic Peshawar incident has united the whole nation. The Senators in the session on Monday repeatedly referred to the joint resolution and agreed to its all-inclusive pledges.

The resolution comprises 14 statements which in every manner strongly condemn the dreadful attack on students and teachers of Army Public School in Peshawar on 16th December. Chairman Senate while presiding over the session on Monday also asked the Senators that the House is meeting in a very calm manner and is united because of members’ stand against terrorism and terrorists.

The resolution not only declared the incident as inhumane, atrocious and barbaric but also called it a grave national tragedy. It is for the first time that the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan was named by any government body in any documented form as a threat to Pakistan. By taking its name at four places, the resolution not only called it to be behind the attack but resolved to fight the banned outfit ‘till the last drop of blood to preserve, protect and defend the Pakistani way of life’.

Another important aspect of the resolution is the expression of abhorrence of all those people who act as apologists of the militants.

The Upper House had heated debates about the Peshawar incident on Monday and both the House and the Secretariat were working to ensure the practical implication of the passed resolution.


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