Sunday, November 17, 2019

The government failed handling to protest

ISLAMABAD:(APS)Nov 26,2017- The government failed spectacularly in removing the protesters from Faizabad on Saturday, and despite using thousands of officials from law enforcement agencies, the protest site was occupied by more protesters than before hours after the ‘operation’.

For many, this proved that the halwa-eating maulvis proved better at planning a protest and putting up resistance than the law enforcement agencies and administration had anticipated.

How did this happen? This was the question everyone was asking on Saturday.

Some experts blamed the government’s delayed reaction for the chaos and instability that ensued on Saturday.

However, others felt the problem was more complicated. Retired military officer and defence analyst, retired Brig Asad Munir, attributed the government’s failure to ill-planning.

“They should have blocked all the routes to the sit-in to avoid chances of more protesters reaching the site at the time of the operation. In the morning, there were just a few hundred of them – as most people tend to go away at night and return in the morning. If supporters had been arrested as they tried to reach the sit-in on Friday morning, the situation would have been completely different,” he said. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes