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Stop discrimination against minorities: J Salik

j salik

ISLAMABAD:(APS)Dec1,2015-Convener World Minorities Alliance Mr. J Salik addressed an important Press Conference regarding injustice with minorities in local bodies’ elections in front of National Press Club Islamabad today. He said that I objected the method of minorities’ election in local bodies’ election before Election Day but nobody took it seriously then and now the results are in front of us. He said that I held a Press Conference on 28th Nov, 2015 and said that this method of election need to be improved because in every constituency Muslims will also cast their votes to minority leaders and Muslims are in majority so the representation will not be minority’s representation. He said that I tried to contact Election Commission of Pakistan but Chief Election Commissioner did not give me time to meet him. He said that the elected members are not minorities’ representation because only minorities’ should have the right to choose their representatives but in local bodies’ election majority also use the right to cast their votes on minority seat, so the elected members are not purely minorities’ representation. He said that this method of election is wrong and it is a great injustice with minorities so it should be declared null and void. He said that Supreme Court of Pakistan in 5th August, 2015 decision asked not to consider minorities as second class citizens but the same mistake is repeated in Local bodies’ elections. He said that election commission showed his hate to minorities by selecting yellow color of minorities’ ballot paper. He said that it was the first time in the history of Pakistan that local bodies’ election took place in Islamabad but it’s a slap on the face of capital that it was a working day, if government could not give a holiday then election should take place on Sunday.

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