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Six dead, 20 injured as speeding bus hits oil tanker in Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH: (APS) FEB 27,2016 – A speeding passenger bus smashed into an oil tanker in Muzaffargarh, killing six people and injuring more than 20 others with many in critical condition.

The horrific accident occurred near Chowk Gopang in Shehar Sultan when a passenger bus coming from Rawalpindi crashed into an oil tanker on GT Road.

Several passengers were trapped inside the bus that was left badly mangled after the high-speed crash. Rescue teams immediately arrived at the scene and struggled to pull out the stranded passengers.

One eyewitness said he saw several passengers pleading for help.

Reportedly, most of the passengers were trapped between their seats and they were rescued by cutting the bus body with metal cutters.

The injured were shifted to tehsil headquarters hospital Ali Pur and District headquarters hospital Muzaffargarh.

In a statement, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressed sorrow over the loss of precious lives and sympathized with the bereaved families.

Pakistan has one of the world s worst records for fatal traffic accidents due to poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving.

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