Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Sindh Assembly approves Local Govt Amendment Bill 2014


KARACHI (APS) — Sindh Local Govt Amendment Bill 2014 was approved in the Sindh Assembly session today. According to the Amendment Bill, the power of delimitation of electoral districts and voting areas would be transferred from provincial government to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to enable it to carry out delimitation work for local body elections in Sindh.


Union Committee, Muncipal Committee, Town Committee and Muncipal Corporation would be responsible for carrying out the delimitations process in the urban areas.


The amendments to the bill have been made following the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Amendments made to the Sindh Local Government Bill state that the authority of delimitation of electoral units should be transferred from the government to the Election Commission.


The delimitations will be carried out on the basis of wards. The process of drawing ward boundaries would depend on the census blocks.


Political parties will submit the names of candidates for reserved seats to the district returning officer. The Returning Officers (ROs) will collect the nomination papers for reserve seats for women, non-Muslims, laborers and farmers within a given time period.

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