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Ramadan teaches to follow the path of goodness and moderation: Ayaz Sadiq

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ISLAMABAD:(APS) June 6, 2016- Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said that Ramadan is a month of blessings in which Muslims across the globe seek benevolence of Almighty Allah through fasting and praying. He said that the holy month warrants to be observed by generously helping those who are less privileged and deprived of basic needs. He expressed these views in his greeting message on the advent of holy month of Ramadan being observed by the Muslims around the world.

Highlighting the divine blessings bestowed upon Muslims in this holy month, the Speaker said that this sacred occasion provides us a prospect to seek forgiveness for our sins and benevolence of Almighty Allah. He said that Ramadan enjoins upon the Muslims to reflect munificence to fellow beings by helping those who are needy and less fortunate. He said that Allah Almighty is magnanimous and opens up countless doors of his blessings for those who generously assist disadvantaged brethren to alleviate their miseries. “Fasting in Ramadan guides us to feel for those who are victims of misfortune developing a sense of sacrifice and charity in the society”, he added.

Speaker National Assembly said that Ramadan teaches us to follow the path of goodness and moderation – the way that seeks to promote righteousness and restraint immorality. He said that Muslims reject the extremists and bigots who behind the façade of religion spread terrorism and militancy. He said that such mindset has brought a bad name to a peaceful religion and put its followers to shame. He said that Muslims need to unite against these wicked forces who seek to fulfill their vested and political interests through nefarious and devilish plots in the name of Islam.

“May this Ramadan brings the joys of peace and happiness all over the world. I pray that this holy month puts an absolute end to sedition, sectarianism and unrest among the Muslim Ummah and lays the ground for harmony and tranquility in the world”, he said.

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