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PTI has devised a plan to close the Islamabad


ISLAMABAD (APS) October 23, 2016– PTI’s leadership has devised strategy for shutting down Islamabad on their announced date of November 2, reported APS News.

It has been reported that the capital city would be locked down at nine different spots and the essential strategy has been worked out in this regard. Moreover, it has also been known that the representatives of different union councils would be staging sit-in alongside the party officials.

The coordination committees have also been established for lock-down points. Representatives of different districts have been allotted different spots for locking down.

The central sit-in point would be from zero-point to Faizabad Chowk, Express way. Also, the mid-way between G-11 and F-11 and also Zero-point would be shut down.

It has also been reported that PTI leadership is rolling up their sleeves for shutting down Aabpara Chowk, Tarnol Chowk, IJP Road and Bhara kahu through sit-ins. A detailed map has also been drafted in this regard.

The responsibility of gathering party’s workers has been assigned to the relevant chairman, vice-chairman and general councilors of the particular union councils of Islamabad. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes