Friday, February 21, 2020

Press freedom is critical to any democracy: Fleur Cowan US Embassy spokesperson

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US Embassy spokesperson   Fleur Cowan is shaking hand with Chaudhry M.Ahsan Premee Chief editor  Associated Press Service (APS) and President Editorial Journalists during visit National Press Club Islamabad on 03-05-2017.

ISLAMABAD: (APS) May 3,2017. US Embassy spokesperson   Fleur Cowan said that Press freedom is critical to any democracy because it help ensure government accountability to the help, to achieve this, the public must have unfettered access to ideas and information.

She expressed these views with Pakistani journalists for   solidarity   on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day during a visit to National Press Club Islamabad.

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US Embassy spokesperson   added that World Press Freedom Day recognized the hard work of the media around the world in the free of censorship, harassment and even threat to their lives.

She added that  today we recognize and acknowledge the work of the Pakistani press and their follow

Journalists around the  world as they strive to achieve there goals.

On this occasion,  Secretary NPC Imran  Yaqoob Dhillon and other senior journalists attended the event. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes