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PM IK invites opposition to discuss electoral reforms

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD:June 30, 2021 Prime Minister Imran Khan has called on the opposition for electoral reforms and said that electoral reforms are not about the government of the opposition, it is about the future of democracy.

Addressing a meeting chaired by Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser, the Prime Minister would like to thank his parliamentary party for its role in approving the budget for the financial year 22-2021.

“Before I begin my budget speech, I would like to invite the opposition to speak on the issue that all elections in this country since the 1970s have been disputed and are still disputed in the Senate and by-elections,” he said. Stay

Continuing his speech, the Prime Minister said that in the last two years we have tried very hard to see what reforms can be made in this regard so that whoever loses the election accepts this result, we have also given suggestions in this regard but now The opposition has not discussed them till now.

He said. “I would request that this is not a matter of government and opposition. This is the future of Pakistan’s democracy,”

Imran Khan said that after playing international cricket for 21 years of his life, I want to share my experience that when we used to play cricket, the country used to have its own umpires and the loser would say that the umpires beat us. But Pakistan was the first country in the history of cricket to have a neutral umpire and now this problem is over.

The Prime Minister said that now is the time for us to contest elections and no one should worry that we will be defeated by rigging.

Continuing his speech, the Prime Minister said that on the first day when I stood up to address the National Assembly, the opposition did not allow me to speak. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes