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PFUJ has strongly condemned the Israeli bombing of a media building in Gaza

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: May 16, 2021-In a statement issued on Sunday the President PFUJ Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi said that the bombing amounted to frightening media persons who have been covering the terrible war that has claimed so many civilians’ lives. “Such bombing flies in the face of the tall claims of Israeli leaders asserting that they are the only democratic state in the Middle East. We believe that after this bombing it would be difficult for media persons and journalists to cover the conflict in an objective way without the fear of being attacked or bombed.”               

PFUJ leadership also condemned Israeli brutalities against innocent Palestinians and forcible occupation of houses of residents of Gaza and East Jerusalem which may further aggravate agonies of Palestinians.               “We call upon international community and United Nations Security council to immediately intervene to save further loss of lives” they demanded. 

They said that it was not only this bombing that jeopardized the lives of media persons but before that bombing the Israeli authorities tried to use media in a manipulative way. ”Such deceptive behaviour of the Israeli authorities amounts to using media as a tool of psychological warfare. This is highly condemnable because in a conflict zone such behaviour could cause grave security problems for media persons.”

The leaders of the journalists’ fraternity demanded of the United Nations, global journalists bodies and the international community to set up an enquiry commission probing into the matter of the bombing of the building.

The PFUJ leaders said that they were with the media persons of the Associated Press,  Al Jazeera and other media outlets that were working in the building. “We also appeal to journalists across the world to show their solidarity with the media persons and media outlets who are risking their lives to cover this conflict in an objective way. These brave media persons are doing so to ensure accurate and objective reporting in Gaza amidst the ruthless air strikes of Israel. They deserve our appreciation and solidarity.” • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes