Thursday, October 17, 2019

Pakistan should be free from corruption: Naheed Khan




ISLAMABAD: July 31,2017- Leader of Pakistan peoples workers Safdar abbassi and Naheed khan talk with media at national press club Islamabad and they said that the Pakistan is begins his new era.The judgment on panama case against Nawaz sharif will decides nation future and it’s not a single name in list of corrupt peoples now many more is left so we are demand that the supreme court must take all these cases and make Pakistan corruption free.

They said that Nawaz shareef disqualified on telling lie not on ‘’iqama’’. The EX- PM Nawaz shareef said that on his party meeting yesterday that he is happy that he is not removed on corruption and I think that this is the  his misunderstanding or they want make nation to fool. Naheed khan mentioned that in real the shareef not give evidence to court to prove that he is the clean man and his family is no illegal offshore companies. Court give them many chances to provide documents of property but always they make lie to court and still supreme court give them another opportunity to make himself and family to clean but now its Nawaz shareef need to decide that what he wants with himself.

Pakistan peoples workers leaders demands that supreme court need to make ensure everyone accountable to law if a general or judge or any bureaucrat is involve in corruption or any illegal thing they are must be accountable to nation, and we support any kind of accountability which supreme court starts.

 Safdar abbassi said that now a day’s in Pakistan everyone and every children knows that what is panama case and the corrupt people hide their money in panama state. He added that this is not the first time that a prime minister becomes accountable to courts in the past shaeed Benazeer Bhuto and zulfiqar Bhuto also faced this kind of hurdles. And for democracy Zulfiqar ali Bhuto lost his life and also present himself for hang death.

He also criticized to Pakistan people’s party govt on sindh he said that the all ministers in sindh is making illegal money and the corruption is in his pick no one can ask to them that what they doing for poor people.The people of sindh dying due to lake of food and water but no one care about this.

Abbassi describe that the country is facing very critical time and in country no jobs for youth, no education, not good health facilities for poor peoples. the 80 % of Pakistani drinking polluted  water and its makes cause of several dieses. The situation of economy also going downfall and the security situation internally and externally both are very weak so in this type of environment we need to think that what kind of leadership we need.

The peoples party worker leaders announced that they are going for the contest election In Lahore NA 120 and they will give tuff time to his opponents. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes