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Pakistan cannot afford provincial subdivision in present situation; Raza Rabbani


ISLAMABAD:(APS)Jan 13,2016-In present situation there is no room for creation of new provinces.  However, there should be consolidation of provincial issues in the light of the 18th Constitutional Amendment said Mian Raza Rabbani, Chairman Senate of Pakistan while addressing under training officers of Pakistan Administrative Service today in Parliament House.  Mian Raza Rabbani maintained that many cultural historical and political processes are involved in evolution and constitution of present provincial boundaries of Pakistan, therefore, the sub division of present provincial boundaries merely on the basis of administrative reforms will lead to further chaos in the Country.  Chairman Senate indicated that this is high time that Parliament and the Government should realize the need to review the outdated laws still present in country.  He observed that even the laws dated back to 1800 have never been considered for review or amendment.  He strangely mentioned that the amount of fine in some of these old laws is still 50 paisa (8 Annas) or so.  He said that the Standing Committees of the Parliament should review such out dated laws in their concerned areas for necessary amendment as per present requirements in the Country.  He informed that recently the Senate of Pakistan, while taking lead in this regard has constituted a Committee on Subordinate Legislation which is one of the practices in all the Parliaments of World.  The Committee has to examine statutes and laws and present its report to House after every three months.

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