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“Pak-US Relations, Cooperation and Partnership: A Way Forward”

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ISLAMABAD: (Dec 11,2017) Indo-US partnership is creating a trust deficit for Pakistan. There is non-existence of dedicated convoys for diplomacy. She concluded that Pakistan can’t be ignored by any serious major world power due to its strategic location. These words stated by Ms. Robin Lynn Raphel, former U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs. At one-day international conference on “Pak-US Relations, Cooperation and Partnership: A Way Forward” were organized by international think tank Pakistan House on Monday, December 11, 2017.

The speakers of the conference were, Rana Athar Javed, DG Pakistan House, Lt. Gen. NaeemLodhi (Retd.), former Defence Secretary, ShujaAlam, Lt. Gen (Retd.) Khalid Rabbani, MD, Army Welfare Trust, Ambassador Syed Abrar Hussain (Retd.), Ambassador Inam-ul-Haque (Retd.), Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan, , Mason Whitney Peck, former US-Aid Official

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In the seminar Ms. Robin Raphel said that Pakistan is have very strong relationship America but recent times the things is totally changed and these countries is facing distrust to each others. She added that America have concerns that pakistan is helping afghan Taliban and also they providing them moral and financial supports, and paksitan side they clear many times to America that don’t do this things but pakstan is facing terrorism from afghan side and thousand of Pakistani is died due to war and terror. She mentioned that both countries need that listen to each other’s and  create common decisions for Afghanistan war and also need to help each other’s.

Speakers of seminar present their views that relations are based on interests, not sentiments, Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and didn’t want interference of India in Afghanistan as this destabilizes the region. It is only Pakistan who can assure that CPEC and Gwadar remains a trade port. If you allow India, a role in Afghanistan or topple CPEC, then we assure you that CPEC will become an economic as well as military reality to achieve Balance of Power. They further said that there are several security issues that include border SOPs and terrorism. High level visits are needed for security cooperation and heads of both states should perform an engaging role for Track II diplomatic efforts. He suggested that continued efforts should be made to remove mistrust including coordinated actions against terrorists. He concluded that sincere peace efforts and improved border management can only yield peace in Afghanistan.

During the discussion session on Pak-US association Lt. Gen (Retd.) Khalid Rabbani, quoted that Hilary Clinton that Pakistan and US have a history of being in and out in their relationship. He said that United States has recognized the efforts of Pakistan on and off. Pakistan is still looking for more cooperation and wanted to strengthen relations with US but on an equal footing.

Discussing on ‘’Myth and reality of Pakistan and America relationship’’ Mason Whitney Peck suggested that communication between US and Pakistan is mandatory to understand each other’s perspective as it will help to improve the relationship.US role in balancing regional powers in South Asia has been a key driver. It should be recognized that without Pakistan’s effort US cannot bring stability in Afghanistan. Both states need to work on principle of reciprocity and common grounds to build a positive partnership.

The purpose of the conference was to focus on the National Security Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economics (DIME) Model and various instruments of national power used by the United States Security Council towards Pakistan. These aspects were be discussed, debated and analyzed in detail to develop Pak-US relations on Pragmatic grounds. The aim of the conference was to discuss border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan and to highlight the importance of easement rights and transit trade. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes