Thursday, November 14, 2019

Operation Khyber 1: 60 militants killed, more than 25 injured

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PESHAWAR (APS) – Operation Khyber 1 is successfully continued in district Bara and Tirah in Khyber Agency. In the duration of eight days since the operation commenced, at least 60 militants got killed and more than 25 injured whereas more than 100 militants including a key commander surrendered to the security forces.

 Israfeel, son of Mangal Bagh who is the leader of outlawed Lashkar-e-Islam and key commander Hanif is among the militants who got killed.

3 security forces’ officers have also been martyred whereas 12 got injured. 6000 families have migrated to fetch for safe havens. Due to the troublesome route map, many of the displaced families have settled in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.


According to the officials, operation will continue till the extremist entities get completely swept off.


Earlier, Pakistan’s army has launched Operation Khyber 1 in Bara area of Khyber tribal region to eliminate terrorists on October 18.


Security forces besieged the entire area and obstructed all incoming and outgoing routes by imposing a curfew.


500 families had been migrated to safe havens whereas an emergency control room has been set up in Khyber House, Peshawar by then.


Several militant hideouts in Sipah, Malak Din Khel and Nala areas have been targeted during the operation.


Meanwhile, more than five hundred families have moved to safer places.


Also, Pakistani fighter jets pounded suspected hideouts of militants in Tirah Valley, killing at least 21 insurgents.


Renewed air strikes come against the backdrop of a broader military offensive in the lawless North Waziristan region on the Afghan border, where the Pakistani army has been battling to contain the insurgency since June.


This week’s fighting concentrated around the remote Tirah valley in the region known as the Khyber agency, where TTP militants and their al Qaeda backers from across the mountainous area have been holed up since the start of the operation.


“The militants had established sanctuaries in Sepah and Akakhel and used to target security forces and local tribespeople,” said one security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, in a reference to areas of the Khyber region.


Another security official said the dead belonged to Lashkar-e-Islam, an outlawed militant group active in the region.


The army maintains that it conducts air strikes only in response to militant attacks and never targets civilian areas.

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