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NBP will provide assistance to Media City in NPC: President NBP

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ISLAMABAD(APS)March 24, 2016- National Bank of Pakistan President   Syed Ahmed Iqbal Ashraf has said that the bank would install detective machines at its braches to discard fake currency notes in the larger interest of general public.

NBP will provide assistance to Establish Media City in NPC

He said NBP is a national institution, whose aim is providing services to the people on priority basis.

“We are working to upgrade the capacity of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) modernize the infrastructure of NBP to meet the international standard of international banking, he said this while addressing the inauguration of ATM facility in the precinct of National Press Club, Islamabad on Thursday.  President of National Press Club, Shakeel Anjum, Secretary, Imran Dhilun and other bank officials, including  Mudassir H. Khan,  Nabeel Saeed and  Farooq Hassan were also present on the occasion..

He said that the NBP is committed to facilitate the people and provide them better service in urban and rural areas of the country.

Syed Ahmed Iqbal said, NBP has given ATM card to the 2.5 lakh pensioners in all over the country to facilitate them to get their pension in respectful way.

He said that the Bank has installed the ATM on utility basis, including the urban and rural areas in all branches of the country.

He said NBP have been giving national service to pensioners and bear the burden of all government institution to give them all financial facilities including accounts and withdrawal of salaries.

Replying to question, he said that the private financial institutions are only work on profit and lost basis and they are always avoiding the service like pension and payments.

President NBP said National Press Club, (NBP) Islamabad is first press club of the country, where we have installed the ATM machine to facilitate the Journalist of the capital city.

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NBP and media have shared history of cooperation and coordination rooted in decades and, “ we want to enhance the joint cooperation between the two institution in future.

He said that National Bank being the largest bank of Pakistan is operating with more than 1350 branches across Pakistan.

In addition to core services being trustee of public funds, bank has diversified its business portfolio and has been competing market in the debt equity market, corporate investment banking, retail & and consumer banking including agricultural and government collections and payments.

BBP is not only providing service at national level but the bank has been working in 15 countries of the world as well competing with the international financial institutions in these countries.

The NBP is forefront of international banking in Pakistan which is proven by the fact that NBP has its branches in all of the major financial capitals of the world.

“We have recently set up the Financial Institution Wing, which is placed under the Risk Management Group and the role of the Financial Institution, ‘he said.

He said the NBP having 08, Million account holders in all braches, in which 3.5 Million account holders are active and doing their business through the Bank.

He said that the NBP also evolve mechanism to facilitate the special people in institution and provide them better facilities, adding that “we are going to install the special ATM service for these people. “

NBP aims to evolve a National Payment Eco-System to facilitate entire population of country through every possible delivery channel 24/7.

While on the occasion, President National Press Club (NPC) Shakeel Anjum well come the President NBP and appreciate the cooperation of the bank has provides the ATM facility for journalist in the club.

He stressed the need for more cooperation between the both national institutions in future.

On the occasion, Secretary, NPC Imran Ahmad Dhillon also well come the efforts of NBP for journalist community and need to enhance the cooperation in future.

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