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Nawaz Sharif is not morally able for prime minister : Bilawal

b bhutto

Muhammad Asad

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD:July 17, 2017- Pakistan people’s  party  Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressed at National Press Club  Islamabad  on Monday  17 Jul.he  demands that Prime Minister Nawaz  Sharif need to resign .he is not morally and legally  able for  prime minister chair .Bilawal alleged  that prime minister is corrupt  and dishonest  and  supreme court   made joint investigation team prove that  main Nawaz Sharif  family is involved  in money laundering , and they use illegally power of  government when they are in the government. He describe that the PMLN ministers make allegation on JIT and they trying to defame them.

Bilwal Bhutto said that the  nawaz  Sharif said that its intrigued against his government  so  I demand that they prove this to people who doing this and make clear the all things to the nation .he added that Pakistan people’s party is the party of poor workers and they are real voice of formers and  poor people of Pakistan .

Bilawal said that the relation of media and people’s party is historic. And we always stood with media   PPP is more care full about media person’s jobs and other facilities. In PPP government they give them lots of benefits to journalist community in PPP government made media housing colonies for them as well.

PPP chairman rise the point that now need to stop that missing persons issue and this is land where  a person is caught by someone without any reason so  we against this thing and we also rise this issue in  national assembly and senate . Pakistan people’s party is stand with human rights groups and they stand with bloggers and also stand with humanity.

In this occasion they leader of opposition Khurshid Shah were there and he also addressed and he said that Pakistan people’s party is party of poor’s and they asset for us. He make allegation on pmln that they don’t know politics and how politics doing? Because they are not politician.

At that ceremony the president of Pakistan union of journalists and the president of national press club shakeel anjum also were there and the huge number of journalists and civil society were participated the event. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes