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National Assembly condemned the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir

National Assembly 1

ISLAMABAD:(APS)AUGUST 1,2016- The 34th session of the National Assembly began in Islamabad on Monday evening with Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in the chair.

At the outset of the proceedings, the House offered Fateha for the departed souls of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Amjad Sabri, former Minister Chaudhary Anwar Ali Cheema, martyrs of Rangers and security personnel in Karachi and those martyred in Occupied Kashmir by Indian forces.

The National Assembly today extended complete support to the Kashmiris in their just struggle for their right to self-determination.

The support was given by the members of the House while participating in a discussion on an adjournment motion on the recent situation in Occupied Ka6shmir.

The motion moved by Minister for Kashmir Affairs andGilgittBaltistannChaudhryyBarjeessTahirr was unanimously adopted suspending today’s business.

The members said that Pakistan will continue to extend moral, diplomatic and political support to theKashmiriss till the achievement of their goals in lines with the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions.

They said all the political parties of Pakistan have unanimous views and are on the same page regarding the Kashmir above their political affiliations.

The speakers strongly condemned the Indian forces brutalities in the Held Kashmir.  They invited the world bodies and human rights organizations to visit Occupied Kashmir and bring the realities before the world.

Taking part in the discussion,MaulanaaFazlurrRehmann said that Pakistan will continue to raise Kashmir issue on all the international fora. He said the sacrifices rendered by theKashmiriss will not go waste and they will succeed in achieving the ultimate goal.

Dr.ShireennMazarii said that India’s stance that Kashmir is their internal matter is totally incorrect and baseless. She said India itself went to the United Nations under Chapter six which deals with the resolution of disputes between two member countries. She said this shows that India has admitted that Kashmir is a dispute between two countries Pakistan and India.

BelummHasnainn said that India cannot suppress the voice ofKashmiriss through the use of brute force. She said that the UN must implement its resolutions on Kashmir.

SahibzadaaTariqullahh said that about seven decades have passed but resolutions on Kashmir remained unimplemented. He said there is a need that delegations of Parliament visit the United Nations and world countries to highlight the Kashmir issue.

ShahidaaAkhtarr Ali said that the Kashmir Commission of Organization of Islamic Cooperation must be made effective to address the issue. She said the Muslim countries should also play their role in reducing the miseries of theKashmiriss.

DrAriffAlvii said the use of pellet guns by the Indian forces in Kashmir is severe violation of human rights. He said that the liberation movement in Kashmir is indigenous and it cannot be suppressed at any cost.

Sahibzadaa MuhammadYaqoobb said that India has leashed terror in the Held Territory by severe human rights violations. He called upon the world to take notice of the Indian forces brutalities.

NaeemaaKishwarr Khan said that the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir should be made more effective. She said the committee should give guidelines to the government instead of recommendations.

ImrannZafarrLegharii said that the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir needed to be strengthened to work on the Kashmir policy. He said that the Kashmir Committee should have close liaison with the leader of the All PartiesHurriyett Conference.

AbdulWaseemm said there is a need of a long-term policy on Kashmir to take the issue to its logical end. He said media should also be sensitized to highlight the brutalities in Held Kashmir on daily basis.

AsiyaaNasirr said the real face of India has been exposed to the world. She said that theKashmiriss have made clear to the world that they will not accept Indian occupation anymore.

Qarii MuhammadYusuff said that the super power of the world should stop state terrorism in the Held Territory. He said the innocentKashmiriss are boldly facing the state terrorism that is a reflection of their strong will for liberation from the Indian bondage.

Winding up discussion,Advisorr on Foreign AffairsSartajjAzizz   said that efforts will be expedited at political and diplomatic levels to plead the case of Kashmir before the world.

He said the Pakistan expresses complete solidarity withKashmiriss in their just struggle for their right to self-determination. He said that the sacrifices rendered by theKashmiriss will not go waste and a day will dawn when they will achieve their goal.

TheAdvisorr said that the government has highlighted the recent brutalities in Held Kashmir on all the world fora. He said after the incident of 8th July, a special Cabinet meeting was held to evolve a future strategy. He said a Black Day was observed all over the country to express solidarity with theKashmiriss. He said that issue was brought before the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of the main countries. He said the government has planned to write letters to the heads of the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

SartajjAzizz said Pakistan has asked all the world and regional bodies to send fact finding missions to the Held Kashmir to bring the reality before the world.

Giving details of the Indian brutalities,SartajjAzizz said that in the recent wave of brutalities 60Kashmiriss have been martyred and six thousand injured most of them critically injured. He said curfew has been imposed in the Held Territory for the last three weeks that has caused shortage of food and medicines.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Kashmir Affairs andGilgittBaltistannBirjeessTahirr called upon the United Nations to fulfill its responsibility of implementing its resolutions on Kashmir.

He said durable peace in South Asia is only possible when the Kashmir issue is resolved. He said the world should play its role to resolve the issue.

The National Assembly passed a unanimous resolution paying tributes to the people of Turkey for thwarting the military coup in their country.

 The resolution moved by Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid stated that the House admires, congratulates and pays tributes to brave people of Turkey who foiled the military coup and saved their country from anarchy and civil war.

 The resolution admired all opposition political parties of Turkey for their historical and unprecedented resolve to protect democracy.

 The resolution stated that Pakistan stands by our brotherly country in this very defining moment of their political history.

 The resolution prayed for those who lost their lives for just cause of defending the future of the country.

 The House passed another resolution paying rich tributes to renowned social worker late Abdul Sattar Edhi.  The resolution moved by Minister for Law Justice Zahid Hamid stated that the selfless services of Abdul Sattar Edhi for humanity are examples for all Pakistanis and the next generation.

 The resolution called upon the government to issue commemorative stamp and coin for the great social worker.

 The House passed another resolution paying rich tributes to renowned Qawwal Amjad Sabri.

 In another resolution, the House expressed complete solidarity with the brave people of Occupied Kashmir and strongly condemned the Indian forces brutalities.

 The resolution moved by Minister for Law Zahid Hamid called upon India to repeal all black laws imposed in the Held Territory.

 It called upon all the human rights organizations, inter-governmental organizations, inter-parliamentary organizations, international non-governmental organizations, media organizations and civil society to urge the government of India to release all the political prisoners including Hurriyat leaders and lift all restrictions on the media and stop harassment of journalists.

The resolution stressed upon the India to implement the UN Security Council resolutions promising to right to self-determination to the Kashmiris.

It demanded the Human Rights Commission at Geneva to send a fact finding mission to Kashmir to investigate human rights violation in Held Kashmir by the Indian occupation forces.

The House will now meet on Tuesday morning at 10:30.

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