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Muslim envoys express solidarity with Palestinians

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ISLAMABAD:(APS)May 9,2017-The Ambassadors and senior diplomats of Muslim countries gathered at National Press Club Islamabad on Tuesday and expressed solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.


Embassy of Palestine in Pakistan in collaboration with National Press Club Islamabad (NPC) and Centre of Pakistan and International Relations organized an event to highlight the inhuman activities of Israel against Palestinian prisoners.

      Briefing the participants regarding the current strike, Senior Diplomate of Palestine Embassy, Yazan Abu Ali said about 6,500 Palestinians are currently held by Israel for alleged crimes.

      The prisoners launched the strike on April 17, to press for better conditions, including family visits, better medical care and an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention.

      He said the hunger-strike had entered in 23th day but international community had taken no notice of this.

      The Palestinian masses and other Muslim community had supported the striking prisoners by observing rallies and protests.

      Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Palestine to Pakistan, Waleed Abu Ali urged the global community to pressurize Israel to provide basic rights to the prisoners in accordance of international laws.

      He said the Muslim countries were on the same page on the issue of Palestine.

      He hoped soon an independent state of Palestinians would be established and Bait ul Muqadas would be its capital.

      The Palestinian Envoy appealed the Muslim world to play its key role to highlight the Israeli barbarism against Palestine’s people.

      Addressing the participants, President Center of Pakistan and International Relations, Amna Malik said people of Pakistan fully support the Palestine and condemned the Israeli brutal activities against its people.

      She said all Muslim countries should give a message of solidarity to Palestinian people by highlighting Israeli aggression against them at international level.

      The event was attended by Envoys and senior diplomates of various Muslim countries including Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia, Syria, Sudan, Oman, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Algeria and members of civil society of Pakistan. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes