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More effort is required to strengthen democratic institutions: Raza Rabani


ISLAMABAD:(APS) May13,2016- Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabani has said strong democratic institutions must for the democratic system and to protect the political and constitutional right of the people as well for strong federation.

“We are committed to protect the democracy and would strengthen the democratic institutions, common people of Pakistan including Journalist, politicians, Lawyers, farmer and students should be united to protect the democratic system, he said this while addressing the Youm–e-Azm (Determination Day) organized by the National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad and Pakistan Union of Journalists (PFUJ)  in National Press Club (NPC) on Friday , in the honour of veteran Journalists Nasir Zaidi , Iqbal Jhafri and Khawar Naeseem Hashmi ,who rendered sacrifices for the freedom of speech and expression during the dictatorial regime of Gen. Zia ul Haq.


He said that there is no equality of law in the country, different standards were followed in implementation of law, according to the status and social position of the people and applies according to the difference of classes, social, financial and political status.

He added that the common people including labour lower strata were deprived from their constitutional and political rights and not getting the social justice and their due right in the society.

Raza Rabbani said that former dictator, Gen. Musharraf abrogated the Pakistan constitution and destabilize the democracy but after huge offense against the system, he exempt from country’s law and leaving for abroad without facing the courts. He added that Gen. Mushraf involved the country in the war of United States and damages the country’s interests.

Chairman Senate said that strong federation possible only through strong democracy and democratic institutions, hope that people of the country are informed and educated as well aware for their basic rights.

He hails the journalists struggle against the dictatorial regimes and said the journalists now against need unity to protect the freedom of speech and expression as well fight to protect the basis constitutional rights of the people.

Raza Rabbani said that democracy and democratic institution are still not stable in the country, “We requires more joint efforts and struggle from the journalists , politicians and people from all walk of life for the stability of democratic system.

He said that Parliamentary supremacy is must and people of the Pakistan to protect the sanctity of the institution and supremacy.

“We must go for people interest instead of the interest of any individual or particular institutions, he said.

Addressing the gathering President National Press Club, Shakeel Anjum pay’s tribute to the Journalists Nasir Zaidi and Iqbal Jhafri on the occasions. While Veteran Iqbal Jhaffri, also shared his experience and stressed the need for to protect the political constitutional right of the people.

Secretary, Imran Yaqood Dhillon, on the occasion,  highlighting historical struggle of Pakistan Journalists against the dictatorial regimes.

On the occasion, Guest speaker Nasir Zaidi said highlighting the struggle of journalist during different dictatorial regimes and shared his personal experience in his address.

President of National Party, Veteran politician, Hasil Bazinjo said, we need aware our youth and sensitizes them for the spirit of democracy and political right of the common men.

He said that there is no other precedent like Pakistan media and politician’s in all regions, who rendered huge sacrifices for democracy and people’s rights.

He tribute the journalist struggle in country’s history, who raises the voice for the political rights of the people.

Senator Farhatullhah Babar said that individual interest is more supreme and societies are evolving through the role of individual, adding that democracy is only solution for the development and prosperity of the country.

Senator Asfand Yar Khattak said that “We require more struggle for the stability of democracy and democratic institutions in the country.

While address the gathering, President Mazdoor Kassan Party, Ch. Latif said that highlighting the societal evolution and expected change for the true democracy in society.

While Former president PFUJ, Afzal Butt,  highlighted the struggle of journalist for the constitutions rights of the people and pay’s tribute to the Nasir Zaidi and Iqbal Jaffari efforts.

On the occasion, Veteran journalists and Anchor Person, Hamid Mir paid tribute to the Nasir Zaidi and Iqbal Jhafri and said that “We require more efforts for the stability of the democracy in the country.

At the end the journalists C.R Shamsi , Fouzia Shahid and others pay tribute to the journalist and highlighting the different aspects of freedom of speech and expression.

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