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Minorities’s selection method be declared null and void: J Salik

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ISLAMABAD:(APS)Dec 4,2015-Convener World Minorities Alliance Mr. J Salik met Chief Election Commissioner Justice Sardar Mohammad Raza today for minorities’ reservations in Local bodies’ elections. Meeting was held in very cordial atmosphere. J Salik said that I was trying to contact you four days before Election Day on 26th Nov., 2015 to talk about the method of minorities’ election in local bodies’ election but you didn’t give time, then I held a Press Conference on the same issue on 28th Nov, 2015 and said that this method of election need to be improved because in every constituency Muslims will also cast their votes to minority leaders and Muslims are in majority so the representation will not be minority’s representation. Now the elected members are not minorities’ representation because only minorities’ should have the right to choose their representatives but in local bodies’ election majority also use the right to cast their votes on minority seat, so the elected members are not purely minorities’ representation. This method of election is wrong and it is a great injustice with minorities so it should be declared null and void. J Salik said that you might remember that CDA gave yellow uniforms to sanitary workers but we protest against CDA and forced to take the decision back because the yellow color is symbol of hate, In army camps yellow color flag is the sign of bathroom moreover the yellow color is considered as illness inspite of this the color of minorities’ ballot paper in local bodies’ election was yellow again which showed discrimination and prejudice with minorities’. After listening the reservations of J Salik Chief Election Commissioner assured the complete cooperation of Election Commission and said that we will send your version to federal government as it is related to it.

Last night Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry came to Maskeen Colony to say thanks to Mr. J Salik and said that I am here to say thanks to Mr. J Salik on his support in local bodies’ elections but I will come some other time to talk about the issues of minorities on which J Salik said that our prime need is respect of minorities.

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