Thursday, November 14, 2019

Khan’s Shutter down call is anti Pakistan: Dr Asif Kirmani

Dr. Asif Kirmani Photo


LAHORE:(APS) December 7, 2014: Political Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Asif Kirmani said that tomorrow’s shutter down call by PTI will be a failure. He said that Dharna politics has inflicted heavy loss to the economy of the Pakistan. Its exponents are not loyal to Pakistan.

While talking to the political workers of PML (N) at his residence, Dr. Kirmani said that in pursuit of getting power, Imran Khan and his allies have put national interests aside. He said that poor laborers will bear the brunt of the shutter down call of PTI.

Dr. Kirmani added that PTI has been following anti people agenda whereas PML (N) is having people’s friendly agenda. In four months, Imran Khan has delivered nothing. His speeches are the haphazard composition of hollow slogans. Kirmani said that Imran Khan is trying to capture people’s attention by telling lies and leveling allegations. Civil Disobedience and Dharna have miserably failed; shutter down call will meet the similar fate. Kirmani said that Imran Khan should avail the opportunity of talks with the government because he will not get any success with his shutter down call.

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