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Journalist must be neutral role during duties: Syed Talat Hussain

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ISLAMABAD:(APS)MARCH 28,2016-The Four day training and capacity building workshop of Journalist from twin cities comprised on two sessions, in which lectures and presentation made by renowned journalists and Anchors deliberated on different internal and external security challenges to the journalist working on specialized conflict and terrorism beats.

The senior journalist in their lectures highlighted the concepts of conflict reporting and give guidance to enhance the  capacity  of journalist  and how to report incidents of terrorism, while addressing the during the first day of “Four Days Media Training Workshop for the Reporters Covering Conflict ,Terrorism and Defence”  from 28 to 31 March 2016, jointly organized by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and National Press Club, Islamabad here in Information Service Academy Islamabad.

In the inaugural session of first day of the training workshop, renowned Journalist and Anchor Syed Talat Hussian briefly deliberate on the different aspects of conflict and terrorism reporting and safety measure for self-security in conflict zone.

He  also embark on  the different level of conflict exists in region, state , society and its effects on  the individual and also stressed the need for proper planning and strategy to cover these news.

He said that the journalist should avoid their personal biases and affinity with any specific community, religion, race and culture to ensure their professional attitude in their fields.

Senior Journalist on the occasion said the journalist have require proper training and capacity building to work in war torn areas to protect themselves and avoid from any dangerous situation.

He added the journalists have the power to change narratives on conflict and influence public opinion, in Pakistan in this regards they  lack the required capacity and professional training to develop progressive approaches to analyze and report conflicts.

 Besides practicing fundamental skills of journalism such as neutrality and ethics of investigation, journalists reporting conflicts should also develop skills of critical thinking, command on language and understanding of the dynamics of conflicts.

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Syed Talat Hussain said that journalist requires capacity to judge the information provided them by any unknown source, adding the research and investigative method requires finding out the truth and fact in new story.

While on the occasion, Senior Journalist and Anchor Jawad Faizi also stressed the need for proper training and background knowledge to cover the field reporting in conflict zone, adding that level of tolerance need to shape the ideal society.

He said that journalist could play their role to decreases the level of intensity conflict prevails in groups, society, and state, regional and global level.

He added that patience and tolerance need to cover the field reporting in conflict zone and urged to dig out the facts to avoiding any personal biased in professional work.

Senior Journalist said, “Our reporter needs to enhance their knowledge and capacity to understand the situation of reporting areas for their security and to avoid any mishap in the field reporting.

On the occasion, Senior Journalist, Raja Javed Bhatti also highlighted the state behavior during the conflict period and urged the journalist to avoid any mislead by foreign players to protect the national interest of their own state.

He said that Journalist needs unity and unified approach would be necessary for the economic and life security of the journalist.

While spoken at start of the training workshop, Director General, Information Academy, Sheraz Latif said that Ministry of information and Broadcasting is committed to organize the capacity building and training workshop for the journalist community.

He hope that  cooperation and coordination between the journalist and Information Service Academy to be strengthened in coming future for the well being and capacity building of the journalist.

At the Senior Journalist Mr. Asim Qadeer Rana, paid vote of thanks to Senor Journalist and participants and hope for more coordination and cooperation between Ministry of information and National Press Club Islamabad.

The participating journalists expressed their journalistic experiences and challenges they faced during reporting different terrorist events.

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