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JIT to be formed for investigation of 30 cases against Uzair Baloch


KARACHI (APS) – A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) will be formed that will investigate the 30 cases registered against the nabbed Lyari gang war central figure, Uzair Baloch.

Uzair Baloch had been arrested a day before as he was trying to enter Karachi from the city’s suburbs. Weapons were also discovered with him.

He was presented before Anti-Terrorism Court’s (ATC) Justice Farooq Shah. Rangers demanded 90-day remand of Uzair Baloch that was granted by the court. Strict security arrangements were observed on this occasion.

During interrogation, startling revelations have been made by him.

He has said that the government completely backed Peoples Aman Committee (PAC) and used it for political benefits.

Uzair disclosed that monthly one hundred million rupees worth of extortion was collected in Lyari gang-war’s name.

He said the extortion was collected by Baba Ladla but after the death of Zafar Baloch disagreements occurred due to which the responsibility was given to Faisal Pathan.

Uzair revealed that once they did not get extortion from fisheries after which supply of fish was halted.

Baloch told that it was his task to provide weapons to gang war members. They used to terrorise in Karachi old area to collect extortion money. He admitted that he used the threat of running for elections to give tickets to his desired people.

Uzair Baloch further revealed that he used to arrange political transfers and appointments. He added that he was also promised of Lyari’s leadership by a political party during his jail term.

Baloch said that main suspects of gang war were treated in Lyari General Hospital whereas Qadir Patel among other leaders played a pivotal role in PAC.

Moreover, significant political figures utilized him for various criminal activities including target killing and confiscation whereas some of them have also fled the country.

Uzair Baloch, the chief of the banned Peoples Aman Committee (PAC), fled Pakistan in 2013 after the launch of a Rangers operation in the metropolis.

The suspect has been blamed for running a network involved in criminal activities including killings, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and drugs business.

Several cases were registered again him at police stations in different areas including Kalakot, Chakiwara, Napier and Baghdadi.

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