Monday, August 26, 2019

Indian tactics have put regional peace at stake : President Mamnoon


ISLAMABAD:(APS) March 23, 2018-President Mamnoon Hussain says Pakistan stands for peace in the region and beyond and gives the same message to those who do not want it.

Addressing a dignified ceremony of Pakistan Day parade, he however said Pakistan’s desire for peace in the region should not be misconstrued as its weakness. The President asked India to peacefully resolve the long standing issue of Kashmir.

Referring to India’s cross border violations and gross human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir, he said these subversive Indian tactics have put regional peace at stake.

He said Kashmir dispute should be resolved in accordance with aspirations of Kashmiri people through plebiscite as envisioned in the UN Security Council resolutions.

The President said Pakistan’ foreign policy is centered around endeavours for permanent peace in the world and based upon non-interference in internal issues of other countries.

Referring to the geo-strategic changes taking place, he said today the world political system is not subservient to single power center therefore nobody can impose its will and decisions on others.

Mamnoon Hussain said Pakistani troops have played a historic role for peacekeeping under the umbrella of the United Nations. He said Pakistan has also played important role for peace and stability in Afghanistan. The president lauded the armed forces as well as the nation for eliminating terrorism from the country under operations Raddul Fasad and Zarb-e-Azb. He announced the medal of “Tamga-i-Azam” for those who rendered sacrifices for restoration of peace in the country.

Mamnoon Hussain also welcomed Sri Lankan president Maithripala Siriseena and troops from Turkey, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates to the parade. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes