Thursday, November 14, 2019

Imran Khan not good politicians: Pervez Rashid



ISLAMABAD:(APS) Political protests will be dealt in a political manner and Imran Khan must put an end to his sit-in politics and instead move towards resolving issues through discussion, said Information Minister Senator Pervez Rashid on Sunday.


In a press conference held in the capital, the information minister said, “Faisalabad will remain open tomorrow. Children will go to schools, and patients will go to hospitals.”


“If anyone takes the law in his hands, then he will be dealt with according to the law,” he said.


He further said that no negotiations will be held in an environment where insults are hurled out at opponents.


The information minister said that if Imran Khan cannot be a good politician, then he should at least try to be a good Pakistani citizen.


Pervez Rashid also said that the PTI chairman himself is the biggest stumbling block regarding the appointment of a judicial commission.


He stated that Imran Khan had not provided any evidence of vote rigging.


“The international community declared the elections free and fair, but Imran Khan is pursuing the politics of discord and tribulation,” he said.

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