Friday, November 15, 2019

I will not resign on the behest of a few people

och sharif

UCH SHARIF (APS) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while visiting Uch Sharif for the rehabilitation of flood victims said people chanting ‘Naya Pakistan’ must themselves build a ‘Naya Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ first.


Nawaz Sharif said 13 million people have voted for him and 5 to 10 thousand people are demanding for his resignation.

In order to oust PM they must bring in as many people who gave him the mandate, he added.

He criticized sit-in holders of practicing negative politics.He urged the sit-in holders to join him in his effort to help flood victims.He stated people supporting the cause of poor are themselves sitting in cool containers and rooms.PM said he can’t sit back in Islamabad while the catastrophe renders people homeless.Nawaz vowed to compensate the property loss of the affectees and he would not rest until victims of the floods get recuperated.

He further said it has been for the very first time that a fund of billions has been allocated for flood victims.The aid provided to them by the government is not a favor but their due right, he added.

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