Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I had allowed drone attacks on Pakistan:Musharraf


ISLAMABAD (APS) – Former president Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday confessed to allowing American drone strikes into Pakistani territories. He said that democracy akin to that of United Kingdom and United States cannot be imposed in Pakistan, APS News reported.


In an interview to a British media outlet, Musharraf said that the allegations of high treason against him are politically motivated and that all the prosecution is seek revenge.


He said he supports democracy but, he said, the democracy along the lines of United Kingdom and United States cannot be imposed in Pakistan.


“Every country has its own problems and conditions according to which it should function,” he said. “Western democracy will have to be adjusted according to the Pakistani environment”.


Answering a question, Musharraf said that he did not anticipate the challenges he would face upon return to Pakistan, adding that he believes the ‘justice’ and ‘truth’ will win.


Responding to another question regarding the drone attacks in Pakistan, he admitted that he had allowed one drone attack in Pakistani territory after he was shown evidence against a terrorist group. He said a total of 9 drone attacks were carried out during his tenure.


Former president said he is not anti-India but, he said, he believes in Pakistan’s interest more.

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