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Government has failed badly to protect basic rights of Pakistani people:IHRO


ISLAMABAD:(APS) Dec 10,2015-Speakers of the 15th National Human Rights Conference on International Day of Human Rights has urged to the United Nations to play its role to eliminate human rights violations in Pakistan. Terrorism has violated human rights of the common people of Pakistan. The role of present government and Miltry forces is highly remarkable to curb the terrorism from its roots through different operations. Although human rights situation in the country is not satisfactory. Human rights conference was arranged by International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) an NGO in special consultative status with economic and social council of the United Nations in collaboration with National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) Government of Pakistan.

Speakers said that Parliament should be given sufficient time to debate on the United Nations ratified bills, conventions and covenants on human rights and laws for human rights legislation in Pakistan. There is no human rights policy in the country. The government should resume formulating the Human Rights policy, and the provinces should implement uniform laws and policies on Human Rights. The government should ensure safety and security of human rights activists and journalists in the country.

 All speakers highlighted many human rights issues and delivered speeches on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) and human rights including international bill of human rights.

The conference also highlighted “Our Rights. Our Freedoms, Always.” fixed by the UN Human Rights Office to create advocacy and awareness on the two Covenants ICESCR , ICCPR including Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. Speakers also appreciated the establishment of National commission for Human Rights (NCHR) and restoration of Ministry of Human Rights in Pakistan.

 Representatives of different political, religious parties, NGOs, civil society experts, diplomats, and intellectuals participated and deliver their  speeches including Ex Governor Punjab Sardar Abdul Latif Khusa , Ex –Federal minister Ahmer bilal Sufi , President IHRO Dr Khalid Aftab Sulehri , Director United Nations Information Centre(UNIC) Mr. Vittorio Cammarota ,Syed  Naseer Ahmed Gillani (Senior Joint Secretary Ministry of  Planning and Development, Mr. Shafique Choudhry (Member, National Commission for  Human Rights)Dr Farzana Bari  (Human Rights Activist and Head of the Gender Studies QAU , Prof. Maqsood Jafri ( Human Rights Activist, Think Tank ) Mrs. Fazila Aliani  (Member , National Human Rights Commission ) Ms.Hayam Qayyoum ( Editor Media Mirror SAMAR Islamabad Prof.Muhammad Zulfiqar (Ph.D) University of Agriculture – Peshawar ,Mr.Muhammad Danyal Khan Lecturer, Gillani Law College, BZU, Multan Dr. M. Jamil Qalander )Chairman QUL Foundation International, Islamabad)Mr. Muhammad Afzal Butt ( President PFUJ) Dr.Yahya Ahmed ( Member , National Commission for Human Rights) ,Prof Waqas Ahmed Jamat-e-Islami and different  diplomats representatives .The Conference also passed resolution which was adopted by all the participants .Human Rights Defenders Awards” were distributed among nominated  human rights defenders.

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