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German press attache visited the National Press Club


ISLAMABAD:(APS)June 2, 2016-Dr. Dan Tidten, Head of Press and Culture of German Embassy on Thursday said that currently German-Pakistan trade is almost equal to the trade between Pakistan and India.

He was speaking at meet to the press, here in National Press Club.
He said despite Germany quite away from Pakistan and India and Pakistan are neighboring Countries .

On drone strikes, he said that Germany is strong advocate of international law. We believe only longer last peace and obey international law? he added.
On right of self determination of Kashmir’s, Dr Tidten said that it is longest dispute between Pakistan and India. He said previously European countries also have several problems and issues, but they resolve it through process of dialogue. He hopes that Pakistan and India also should follow the same model.
Speaking on importance of media in modern world he said that free media is most important pillar in democracy. He said many people may not travel here, but through media they made their impression regarding Pakistan.

Dr Tidten said that through DW global media training of Pakistani and other journalist taking place in Germany. He said all five political foundations of Germany office’s here are existing. But, it is not case with many other countries. These foundations are working for strengthening of democracy, parliament, media and other Pakistani institutions.
He said Goethe institute main office in Karachi and with partnership of French Embassy ruing in Lahore and here in Islamabad embassy arranged cultural activities and events here. He said German language and culture as old as other oldest Indo-European languages and cultures.

He said that German people love football and its national game and they are not familiar with Cricket. But Pakistani immigrants brought cricket to Germany and they use to play cricket their.

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