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Freedom of the press is essential for democracy: Shakeel Anjum

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ISLAMABAD:(APS)MAY 3,2016-Shakeel Anjum President National Press Club Islamabad said that access to Information is a fundamental freedom and part of the basic human right to freedom of expression. Receiving and imparting information, both offline and online, is a cornerstone of democracy, good governance, and rule of law.

He said that this includes the safety of journalists, at a time when, tragically, a media professional is killed every five days. This cannot stand, and guided by the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity, UNESCO is working with Governments around the world to create a free and safe environment for journalists and media workers everywhere.

He said that in this spirit, I call on everyone to stand united in defending and encouraging press freedom and the right to access to information. This is essential for human rights and dignity, for our aspirations for sustainable development, for common determination to build lasting peace.

Pakistan Union of Journalist and National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad has marked the World Press Freedom Day (2016) and leaders of the journalists Unions urged for the safety and surety of the working journalist in Pakistan.

The journalists Unions and National Press Club (NPC) demands for protection of freedom of speech and expression in society and stressed the need to ensure the safety and security of the journalist working in danger war zones, here on a World Press Freedom Day 2016 organized by PFUJ and NPC on Tuesday.

While addressing on the occasion, President National Press (NPC) Islamabad Shakeel Anjum said that, “We need to identifies areas and the danger facing by the working journalist during the field reporting”.

He added that clarity and comprehensive plan required observes the threat perception facing by the journalists in current challenging situation.

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President NPC urged in current challenging situation, the government to take responsibility to protect the journalist and ensure the security of the media institutions.

He said the NPC is committed with other journalist Unions to chalk out the future plan of action for the protection of the journalists in Pakistan.

On the Occasion Secretary NPC, Imran Ahmed Dhillon highlighted the safety and security issues of the journalists and challenges they faced during the lines of duties in Pakistan.

Embarked upon the safety and security of the journalist, he said that Pakistan is considered the most dangerous country for journalist’s safety and security, while performing their profession duties.

He said that after the Mexico Pakistan has second most dangerous country for the safety and security of the journalists and 105 journalists had died during performing their duties in different areas of the country in past ten years.

Secretary NPC said that not in war torn areas of the Baluchistan and FATA but attack of media organizations in capital Islamabad was observed in past few years, adding that the government to take responsibility for the security of media institutions in all over the country.

While addressing the gathering in World Press Freedom Day, President RIUJ, Ali Raza Alvi has said that Pakistan have vibrant media, ‘We have history for resist against the dictators in past decades for protection of civilian rights.

“We are committed to fight for the Political and constitutional rights of the people and save the journalist from the different threat perceived from different quarters, “ he said.

 Secretary RIUJ, Bilal Dar paid tribute to the journalists, who laid down their life in the lines of duties and urged for the need to stop the killing off the journalists.

On the occasion, Ex. Secretary PFUJ and Journalists leader Fouzia Shahid , Shakeel Usmani and others were highlighted the challenged facing by journalists in Pakistan. The participant of the rally unanimously approved a resolution to urged government of Pakistan to get the consultation of PFUJ and National Press Club on the purposed bill on the safety of Journalists.

On the occasion, the journalists holding placard and demanded for the protection the journalist’s life.

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