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Federal government rejects Sindh govt’s summary


ISLAMABAD :(APS) August 2, 2016-– Federal government on Tuesday rejected Sindh government’s summary regarding Rangers authority as law experts from Interior Ministry inspected the summary and rejected it on intial basis, reported APS News.

The experts believed that the summary proposed by Sindh assembly did not meet legal standards as it was not in accordance with Article 147 of the constitution. There were legal and constitutional complications in the summary the experts stated.

They also questioned that why Rangers’ powers were limited to Karachi but not the whole province. If any suspect had committed crime in Karachi and fled to another part of the province, Sindh Rangers in this matter, should hold special policing powers to arrest the suspect in any part of the province, they added.

Not to forget that, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Monday, in a press conference said that the federal government will consider other options if Rangers were not allowed to operate in other areas of Sindh other than Karachi.

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