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Danger of Delta type virus in Lahore

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD:July 14, 2021 The Punjab Health Department has sent 28 samples for testing in the provincial capital Lahore on suspicion of the presence of a new and dangerous type of corona virus, Delta.

samples were collected from government hospitals in Lahore, including Mayo, Services and Jinnah, in which specific delta-type symptoms were found.

According to health experts, the possible presence of delta type in the city poses a serious threat to the people of Lahore.

In this regard, the government official said that the experts decided to examine the samples on a scientific basis at a time when, according to official data, cases of corona virus have increased in Punjab.

He said that according to experts, the Wuhan variant (Chinese type of corona virus) has run out in the province due to the large-scale vaccination campaign, and experts suspect that more cases of corona are emerging due to the Indian strain of the virus. , They decided to process the samples for verification.

The official said there was concern over travel to Lahore and Rawalpindi, while more than a dozen delta-type cases had been reported in Rawalpindi in recent days.

In the wake of the growing threat of a fourth wave of the virus in Punjab, health experts have thoroughly analyzed the official data on reported infections.

Statistics show that the number of British-type positive cases of corona in Punjab has dropped significantly across the province. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes